About Us


I’m Lisa Kelper, mother of two and the founder of NewMomStuff. I started NewMomStuff to help people like you make smarter decisions about all the stuff you’ll need for your baby. My inspiration for starting NewMomStuff was my own personal experience.

I remember the day when I walked out of my 5th visit to baby store. I was a would be first time Mom and I just couldn’t decide with so many choices and brands I hadn’t even heard of.

I did what a lot of first time mothers do. I looked up to my family and friends for suggestion and help, I also bought books and went online.

Through that experience I learned that people suggested what they used, but very few people have direct hands-on experience with more than one or two competing products.

My two older sisters have five kids and I leaned a lot on them for recommendation of baby products. But I found half of the products they used to like aren’t even available now, and there are new brands today that they have not heard of. With new baby products coming out almost every month the advice that is just one or two years old is often outdated.

So , after my second pregnancy , I decided to create NewmomStuff . We have committed ourselves to being the best source of baby product Review and Comparison information and provide suggestions for all type of budgets, based on products we have personally used and also relentless research we do online for gathering experiences of parents who have bought similar or competing products.

Let me Know how we are doing. I would love to hear from you.

Lisa Kelper
Founder NewMomStuff