Inspiring Ideas for Watermelon Baby Carriage With Cantaloupe Baby (Plus Step by Step Tutorial)

Baby shower coming up soon? A Watermelon baby carriage is the cutest thing you can make and that too pretty quickly. It’s guaranteed to be the talking point of your table.

This post includes several pictures of watermelon baby carriage with a cantaloupe baby for your inspiration and a step by step visual tutorial that teaches you how to make the watermelon carriage.

Let’s start with the pictures for your ideas first.

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1. The picture above shows the carriage made from watermelon with kiwi wheels, Baby head made from cantaloupe, with grape eyes, and cantaloupe ears and nose.


2. Here’s another fancy variation of watermelon baby carriage with cantaloupe baby where the designs have been made with these vegetable shape cutters.


3. In this more advanced watermelon baby carriage with cantaloupe baby shower, baby’s name has been carved in a script font and more skillfully carved roses and leaves have been added to the bonnet of the carriage.

4. This is a twin watermelon baby carriage idea for twin baby shower.


5. In this variation of watermelon baby carriage with cantaloupe baby recipe, the cantaloupe baby has been made even cuter with a bow.

Now that you have got various ideas of watermelon carriage with baby cantaloupe, let’s check out…

How To make Watermelon Baby Carriage with Cantaloupe Baby: Step by Step Visual Tutorial

Step: 1

Place watermelon on a baking pan with the bottom side up. You can cut a thin layer off to make a stable base for the centerpiece and to prevent it from rolling off the table.


Step: 2

Turn watermelon around and use a marker or pen to outline the opening of the baby carriage.

You will also need to draw the outline of the handle on the top of the part you are cutting out using a sharp knife.


Step: 3

Cut along the outside of the marked lines. Carefully push the knife down about two inches and slowly follow the outline.


Step: 4

Once the outline is done cut through the watermelon to be able to detach the top part of the carriage. Gently lift the opening of the watermelon and smooth out the edges.


Step: 5

Cut or scoop the watermelon out and put it in a separate container. If you did not purchase a seedless watermelon you will also need to remove the seeds.


Step: 6

Keep removing the watermelon until you are left with a thin layer of red along the inside of the carriage. If desired cut small triangles along the carriage opening to create a cute decorative edge for your fruit basket.


Step: 7

Finish cutting out the carriage handle from the top part of the watermelon. You will need to cut the other triangle first and gently pop out next. Cut around the outside of the handle and trim away the watermelon.


Step: 8

Insert two toothpicks at the bottom of the handle and attach it to the inside of the carriage.


Step: 9

Gently push in the toothpicks to secure and cut the excess off with a pair of scissors to make the wheels. I used for orange slices and attach these to the outside of the carriage with toothpicks.


Step: 10

You can also add a smaller slice of fruit such as a grape for the hubcaps and secure a toothpick cut off the excess length with scissors.


When completely happy with the design add the watermelon and other fruit to the inside of the baby carriage. Or you can carve out a small piece of cantaloupe to make a shape of a baby and put it inside the carriage.

Carefully place it on a serving tray and set out on the food table.

Comment below to let me know how this watermelon baby carriage with cantaloupe baby went!

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