Choosing the Best baby backpack carrier that’ll fulfill Your And Your Baby’s Requirements

Parents for whom it is not a choice but a necessity to tag-along your child, for most part of the day, choosing the best baby carrier backpack, is almost a compulsion! Here we’ve selected best baby backpack for parents who not only need it for hiking trip or vacation but also as an everyday luggage!

What features make a best baby backpack carrier worth its value?

Since it’s something that you are buying for the comfort of your little one, not much compromising can be done. So, let’s take a quick glance at the features that make a baby backpack carrier the best!

Child Comfort

Making your child feel cozy, where he/she can doze off at ease is very crucial or else, getting him/her into the backpack might turn out to be a challenging task!

  • Snug and Secure Cockpit — A snugly close cockpit restricts floppy movements in the backpack that could be uncomfortable and disturbing for your baby and could also disturb the balance making the backpack difficult to carry.
  • Harness — Generally, a padded, 5-point, with fast and easy adjustment points make a convenient backpack carrier.
  • Seat Pad — A wide seating space provides a stable and firm surface for little ones to sit on.
  • Canopy — A canopy is a recommended add-on provides your baby protection from overheating and sunburn and other elements like sudden drizzle or excess windiness.

Parent Comfort

Next, it is about your comfort as a parent, because you could be using it for a prolonged period. So, it’s equally important that you feel at ease wearing the pack with or without a baby in it. Baby backpacks, on an average, generally hold around 40 lbs. Thus, choose one which offers option with prime padding, sturdy internal structures, and quite importantly, versatile adjustment options are a perfect fit. Backpacks with wide and well-padded shoulder straps, and an adjustable waist belt is a good choice.

  • Padding — Substantially distributed padding over contact points increase overall comfort for parents by decreasing the amount of direct weight on the pressure points. Carriers that hold the baby closer to your centre of gravity are best, helping create the optimal balance for you, which is critical for comfort and keeping your footing.
  • Waistband — A thick sturdy waist belt can make huge difference in supporting the baby’s weight and reducing the burden on your shoulders.


This is one factor that you have to consider according to your requirement. If you’re looking for a regular usage carrier, you’ll have to choose one keeping in mind the baby’s requirements and if it is for hiking with baby or adventure trips, you’ll have to consider storage capacity depending on kind or duration of the trip you’re planning for!

Now let’s go straight to the array of selection we’ve shortlisted for you after thorough research.

Best baby carrier backpack that is most comfortable for baby vouched by most parents

Osprey Packs Poco AG Plus Child Carrier

Let’s start with the point of child comfort first. This baby carrier from Osprey has satisfied many parents on this particular aspect.

best baby backpack

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The features that make this baby carrier stand out are its incorporated Anti-Gravity suspension matched with the Fit-on-the-Fly hip belt, affording a good fit for wide range of variedly sized parents. The torso-length, contoured, seamless mesh that extend from the shoulder blades to the lumbar region offer superior balance and stability along with allowing airflow for excellent ventilation.

Osprey Packs Poco AG Plus Child Carrier comes with a hydration compatible sleeve just behind the back panel, offers convenient storage. Its deluxe child cockpit boasts the adjustable Halo child seat for a comfy, padded ride. The adjustable stirrups provide deluxe padding, and the leg support assures proper circulation while the child is in the carrier.

Its integrated sunshade is as easily collapsible as spreading out. The final lucrative bonus is that Osprey offers assurance repairing any damage or defect, free of charge, irrespective of whether it was purchased in 1974 or yesterday. Moreover, just in case they are unable repair your pack, Osprey will happily replace it. Check out more features here.


  • It has multiple pockets, which removes the need to additionally carry a diaper bag.
  • It is ultra light according to some parents; plus, it can be folded down to a reasonable size,
  • Due to the multiple versatile adjustment settings, parents and grandparents of varying physical structure and height can comfortably use it.
  • It also offers extras like removable and washable drool pad, side mesh pockets to quickly stuff things when in a rush, toy attachment loops that keep toys close.


  • Couple of users have mentioned some minor issues like having initial confusion with adjusting the fit especially if the parent’s built is a little too small than average.

Best Hiking Backpack Baby Carrier

Kelty Journey PerfectFIT Elite Child Carrier

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The Kelty® Journey Perfectfit™ Suspension System offers easy adjustments with its padded shoulder pads and sternum strap along with the adjustable belt that stabilizes the weight. This aids in smooth transition to fit both the parents so that you both can take turns to share the load of the baby backpack carrier comfortably.

It comes with an integrated sunshade that helps in protecting your child from harmful UV rays. The 5-point safety harness of the backpack along with padded aluminum roll cage assures zero-worry trekking on any terrain. The wide seat base and accommodating foot stirrups make your child’s seating or resting comfy too.


  • This particular product unlike many other brands have thought of keeping both the baby and parents hydrated along the way (very important for hiking trips), by adding an easy to access water bladder Reservoir sleeve.
  • There are zippered compartments where you can store not only baby wipes but also small toys and even snacks or trail mix.
  • The multiple grab handles allow you to shift, lift, and set down the child carrier safely.
  • Plus, its large zippered pocket houses internal stretch pockets that adds extra layers, allows you to tuck in anything else you feel might come handy through the trip.


  • One parent has mentioned that it’s too big for their infant, but then it’s a question of how big or small your little one is. So, for the exact details on dimensions you can clear your doubts here.

Moving on to another model from the same brand…

Best budget Option Baby Backpack Carrier

Kelty Journey Perfectfit Child Carrier

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Developed with advice and suggestions from paediatric specialist, this baby backpack carrier features 5-point safety harness along with a widened seat base and adjustable foot stirrups that offer proper positioning of the child’s legs for health concerns like unhindered blood circulation and all-day comfort.


  • Comes with a clean and stream-lined look.
  • There are easy to access stretchy mesh pockets for less grueling adventures where you can carry small necessities.
  • Though this baby carrier doesn’t come with a fitted sunshade you can always add one according to your requirement, choice and budget. In fact, it allows you to choose and match as per your liking without compromising on the safety factor unlike many other models.
  • It comprises of sturdy but light-weight aluminium frame which affords safety without exhausting you out; and also drool pads in case your little one needs them.
  • It can be adjusted easily so that both the parents can carry it comfortably.


  • The only point one buyer has mentioned is its construction design, which might appear a little strange to some, but he/she has also added that the functionality of the baby backpack carrier is in no way reduced. You can check out for what kind of outings this model is an ideal choice.

In case you are undecided still, take a look at this one…

Best Overall Baby Backpack Carrier

Thule Sapling Elite Child Carrier

Not much is required to be said why this baby backpack can be chosen in the best category, its ratings from buyers vouch for it …

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The full adjustable back panel along with the hip belt assure a perfect fit and comfortable carry increases comfort for the parents. Additionally, its adjustments allow both the parents to share the load with quick and smooth transition features.

The Load stabilizer straps facilitates on-the-go adjustments to the backpack’s centre of gravity by drawing your kid closer, ensuring an increased comfort carry for the parent. The carrier’s height adjustable, ergonomic, plush seat coupled with inner thigh support competently distributes the child’s weight; the deployable sunshade keeps your child cool and protected from the harsh UV rays, while the removable stirrups makes space for your little one to rest his/her legs and readjust the seating posture on the trail.

This carrier comprises adequate mesh pockets, a removable backpack, hydration reservoir sleeve, and an additional roomy zippered compartment where you can store diapers, extra clothes, rain gear, extra water, and other essentials.


  • Dual access allows you to load your child from either the top or the side as per yours and the little one’s choice or convenience.
  • You can keep essentials close at hand with two additional roomy zippered hip belt pockets that can store toys, snacks and much more.
  • In spite of so many features, this child carrier backpack is light weight, sturdy and made of durable material.
  • Though it is advised that you practice wearing it around and understanding how to get the fitting adjustments just right (because your baby is going to be in it), once you get familiar with the adjustments, carrying it around is a breeze.


  • The only point that you might find a little bounding is that your child must be old enough or at least capable of sitting upright without help and weigh at least 16 lbs.

If you have any more questions in your mind, you might find the answers here.

Hope you found this baby backpack carrier review helpful to get the child carrier backpack that meets your requirements and specifications from the ones carefully selected (from a myriad brands) and discussed here. Wish you a safe and enjoyably trip with your little angel!

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