The Best Pram Toys for Babies and Infants in 2023

Welcome to the whimsical world of pram toys, where giggles and gurgles meet colorful and captivating companions! As parents, caregivers, or curious souls, we’ve all wondered about pram toys at some point. What are they? Why are they important? What enchanting options are available? And how do you choose the most magical ones for your little bundle of joy?

What are pram toys?

Ah, pram toys – those enchanting little creatures that hang, dangle, and dance above a baby’s pram, car seat, or stroller. These pint-sized playthings are designed to delight and stimulate your infant’s senses during those leisurely outdoor strolls or jaunts to the grocery store.

Pram toys, also known as stroller toys, come in a variety of forms, from soft plushies and musical mobiles to rattle buddies and teething rings. They are designed to engage your baby’s senses and encourage early cognitive development while providing entertainment and comfort.

Why are pram toys important?

You might be wondering, “Do babies really need these cute little trinkets?” Absolutely! Pram toys aren’t just for fun; they serve a crucial role in your baby’s development:

  • Stimulating Senses: Pram toys engage your baby’s senses of sight, sound, touch, and sometimes even taste (hello, teething rings!). These sensory experiences are essential for your baby’s cognitive growth.
  • Building Motor Skills: When those tiny fingers reach out to grab a dangling toy or rattle it in glee, your baby is developing fine motor skills. This is a big milestone in their journey to independence.
  • Enhancing Cognitive Development: The colors, textures, and sounds of pram toys stimulate your baby’s brain. They learn to differentiate between various shapes, colors, and sounds, laying the foundation for future learning.
  • Comfort and Entertainment: Pram toys are like a magical source of entertainment on the go. They can soothe a fussy baby or keep a curious one happily occupied.

What are the different types of pram toys available?

Prepare to be amazed by the sheer variety of pram toys that exist in 2023! From high-contrast toys that mesmerize newborns to ride-on toys for active toddlers, there’s a universe of options to choose from:

1. High-contrast toys

High-contrast toys are a visual feast for newborns. Their bold patterns and monochromatic colors are designed to captivate your baby’s developing vision. These toys are like miniature works of art, perfect for the tiniest of art enthusiasts.

2. Rattles

Rattles are classics for a reason. These jingling wonders help your baby explore cause and effect as they figure out that their gentle shakes produce delightful sounds. Plus, watching those colorful beads dance within the rattle is endlessly fascinating.

3. Teethers

Teething can be a trying time for both parents and babies. Luckily, teething pram toys are here to save the day. They provide comfort and relief to those little gums and offer a chewy distraction during cranky moments.

How to choose the best pram toys for your baby or infant

Selecting pram toys is like picking out treasures from a treasure chest, but with a few guidelines to keep in mind:

  • Age-Appropriate: Consider your baby’s age and developmental stage. What fascinates a newborn may not interest a one-year-old. Choose toys that align with your baby’s current abilities and interests.
  • Safety First: Ensure that the toys are made from non-toxic materials and don’t have small parts that could pose a choking hazard. Look for products that meet safety standards.
  • Sensory Appeal: Opt for toys that engage multiple senses – colorful visuals, intriguing textures, gentle sounds, and perhaps even a hint of taste for teething toys.
  • Durability: Babies can be surprisingly strong and persistent. Go for toys that can withstand a fair amount of gnawing, pulling, and shaking without falling apart.
  • Easy to Clean: Let’s face it; babies can get messy. Look for toys that are easy to clean so you can keep them hygienic for your little one.

With these tips in mind, let’s dive into the enchanting world of pram toys, broken down by age group:

Best pram toys for babies under 3 months old

1. High-contrast toys

When your baby is brand new to the world, their vision is still a work in progress. High-contrast toys with bold patterns, like black and white spirals or checkerboards, are like visual marvels for their developing eyes. These toys stimulate their visual cortex and help them focus on shapes and patterns.

2. Rattles

Rattles are a fantastic choice for babies in their first few months. The gentle sound of a rattle can capture their attention, and they’ll soon learn that their little movements can produce these delightful noises.

3. Teethers

Teething can start as early as three months, and having a teether on hand can be a game-changer for both baby and parent. Choose a teething toy that’s easy to hold and offers relief to those sore gums.

Best pram toys for babies 3-6 months old

At this age, your baby is becoming more aware of their surroundings and is ready for toys that offer a bit more interaction.

1. Musical toys

Musical toys can be enchanting for babies as they discover the joy of creating sounds. The gentle melodies and rhythms can soothe or excite, depending on the mood.

2. Activity toys

Activity toys are designed to engage your baby’s senses andcuriosity. They often come with various textures, mirrors, and moving parts to explore.

3. Soft books

Introducing books to your baby early can foster a love for reading. Soft books with vibrant illustrations and crinkly pages are perfect for tiny hands and curious minds.

Best pram toys for babies 6-12 months old

As your baby reaches the 6-month mark, they’re ready to explore more interactive and hands-on toys.

1. Stacking toys

Stacking toys are fantastic for developing hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills. Plus, watching towers topple over can be a source of endless giggles.

2. Sorting toys

Sorting toys introduce the concept of categorization and colors. Your baby will enjoy fitting objects into different holes and discovering where they belong.

3. Shape sorters

Shape sorters are the next step in the sorting journey. They challenge your baby to match shapes with the corresponding holes, enhancing their problem-solving skills.

Best pram toys for babies 12-18 months old

Toddlers are bundles of energy and curiosity, and they need toys that can keep up with their active explorations.

1. Push and pull toys

Push and pull toys are perfect for encouraging those first steps and helping your toddler gain confidence in their mobility.

2. Ride-on toys

Ride-on toys are a delightful way for your toddler to feel a sense of independence and control. Plus, they’re just plain fun!

3. Balls

Balls are timeless toys that provide endless entertainment. Toddlers can roll, toss, and chase them, promoting gross motor skills and coordination.

Tips for using pram toys safely

  • Regularly inspect pram toys for wear and tear: Babies are surprisingly strong, and they can tug, chew, and toss their toys with gusto. Check for loose parts or damage and replace any worn-out toys promptly.
  • Supervision is key: Always keep an eye on your baby while they play with pram toys, especially if they are young and prone to putting things in their mouth.
  • Proper attachment: Ensure that pram toys are securely fastened to the pram or stroller to prevent any accidents.

Where to buy pram toys

You can find pram toys at various retailers, both in physical stores and online. Consider shopping at baby specialty stores, toy stores, or e-commerce websites that offer a wide selection of safe and age-appropriate toys.


Q1. When should I introduce pram toys to my baby?

A1. You can start using pram toys as early as a few weeks old, but ensure they are age-appropriate. High-contrast toys and soft rattles are excellent choices for newborns.

Q2. Can I wash pram toys?

A2. Many pram toys are machine washable or can be wiped clean. Check the manufacturer’s instructions for specific care guidelines.

Q3. Are there pram toys that grow with my baby?

A3. Yes, some pram toys are designed to be versatile and adapt to different developmental stages. Look for toys with multiple features or options for customization.

Now, armed with this knowledge of pram toys, go forth and make every stroll an enchanting adventure for your baby. Whether they’re gazing at high-contrast patterns, shaking a rainbow rattle, or conquering the world in a mini ride-on car, pram toys will add a touch of wonder to every journey. Happy strolling!