Expert Advice: How To Swaddle Your Baby In 9 Easy Steps!

New born babies are used to feeling a gentle pressure on their bodies that is normal inside the womb. This is not unlike the feeling that a baby gets when he is properly swaddled. However, swaddling is indeed a daunting task for most new mothers. While a proper swaddle is the secret to calming a fussy baby (almost every time), the proper swaddle isn’t an easy thing to do. So NewMomStuff is here to help you out with how to swaddle your baby!


In this tutorial you will learn the right technique to do it, so that your baby feels nice and secure, and she or he is not able to wiggle or kick free of the swaddle either. Another thing you need to keep in mind is that if you swaddle your baby the wrong way, in other words, if the swaddling is too tight, this can actually harm your baby’s delicate bones and joints. So it is essential to figure out the right way to do it.

And we are here to help you with just that…

The right newborn swaddling technique


Step 1: Place 1 or 2 blankets and lay them out in a diamond shape, one on top of the other. Fold over the top corner of each, so that you have a tab.


Step 2: Next lay your baby on the blankets, with the shoulders aligned with the folded edge of the blanket.


Step 3: Take a single side and you can either wrap this around the baby’s hand before tucking or leave it out as you fold the blanket across.


Step 4: Now while holding the other side of the blanket tight, carefully but firmly tuck in the first side under the baby.


Step 5: Now take the bottom of the blanket, and fold over, remember to leave some room for the baby to kick her legs. This is what will ensure that you do not injure the baby’s hips and cause hip dysplasia.


Step 6: Fold the bottom up to the chest of the baby. You can also tuck it underneath on the same side as you tucked the first corner.


Step 7: Now take the remaining side and fold over the baby.


Step 8: Gently, tuck underneath the baby. Don’t be afraid to roll your baby over a bit. It’s fine.


Step 9: Repeat with the other blanket till you have a snug swaddle.

The whole technique of swaddling, as we mentioned earlier, is aimed at keeping your baby feeling snug and secure. It can also keep your baby feeling warm. Since the feeling closely resembles the warmth, tightness and pressure that the baby felt in the womb, this usually leads to the baby becoming calm and settling down, especially for sleep. However, in case your baby is still a little fussy, there are a number of other things you can do afterwards to calm and comfort your baby. These include the way to hold the baby, rock the baby and croon to the baby.

And instead of trying to explain those, we’ll let this experienced pediatrician demonstrate it for you. And of course, do be sure to check out the actual swaddling technique in action as well!

And so there you have it – your complete guide to how to swaddle your baby and how to soothe and comfort her. While the nurse at the hospital did demonstrate some of it to you before you were discharged, this guide can only help you further! So work with your baby, be gentle and soon you will have worked it out just fine!

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