For New Moms: Tips to handle baby sleep problem

As new parents, all we can wish for is a healthy baby with a healthy sleep pattern. But when it does not happen we start turning to any means necessary to make the baby sleep. So based on a podcast  by Elizabeth Pantley, author  of  the book “No Cry Sleep Solutions” we will discuss some of the tips and tricks suggested.

So let’s dive in…


What constitutes a sleep problem?

According to the author, everyone around – starting from your pediatrician to your family members may have convinced you that the baby have a sleep problem. However, If baby is sleeping well and you are sleeping well do not make any change.

Understand they may be active and busy sleeper. Every time your baby moves or makes a sound it does not mean they are calling you… he may be sleeping as he has done inside you while moving. They may even cry, grunt, make noise or shift while sleeping.  A newborn may even breastfeed in his sleep. So watch whether it really is waking up and needs you or he is just shifting in his sleep.

Also new study says that a pacifier at time of sleep can be a helpful to a baby in the early months. Every baby is different and unique. For some pacifiers may work for some, while for others –it’s mommy or nothing.


Why is sleep such a big problem for new parents?

First of all babies sleep differently than adults do. They wake up and sleep more frequently. We do not sleep that way. We sleep for 7-8 hours without interruption.  We want them to adhere to our schedule. It is not going to happen that way. Baby will follow its natural sleep cycle which is not the same that of the adults.

Also lot of things we do interferes with baby’s  maturing sleep cycle. Not respecting baby’s need for good nap in daytime can affect it’s sleep at night.  If your baby falls sleep in car or swing for 10-15 minutes, it maybe that he did  not have the complete sleep he needs and will be cranky. Those short naps shouldn’t occur. So if you are driving with your baby and see his eyes are becoming heavy, try to keep him awake till you reach home so that he can have proper long nap.

Softer warmer sheet made of flannel, white noise that blocks other noises helps baby sleep well. Always darken the baby’s room when he is sleeping and make sure he is changed and dried before sleeping. Put him on diaper so that he does not wake up because of wet feeling. Also do not forget to put the socks on, babies often wake up due to cold feet.

How are naps and sleeping at night connected?

Nap at daytime and sleep at night is very tightly connected as it is related to his biological cycle of full 24 hrs. Lack of nap at the daytime does not make him sleepy at night. If he is not getting the naps he needs, he will wake up tired and will be cranky as you are disturbing it’s biological cycle. You should watch for those sign of nap and make it easy for napping. Without long daytime naps baby may become hyperactive and find it difficult to sleep at night for long hours.


How do you know whether your baby is getting enough sleep?

Look for baby’s mood. It should be pretty consistent throughout the day. If he is not getting enough sleep he will not be connecting, will look away, be more fussy and have mood swings. Every time baby goes for nap it is recharging it’s battery and will be in a consistent happy mood.

Is Bed Time Routine for a baby Important?

A bedtime routine is very important.  It works with your baby’s biology.  It also gives your baby lot of cue about what’s going to happen next.  Sleeping routine like a blanket, a darkened room , a lullaby helps the baby to get the cue that ah it’s time to sleep as it adjusts to the routine.


What’s the absolute worst thing to have in your baby’s room?

Television in the room where baby sleeps is an absolutely worst thing to have. Unfortunately a lot of mom watch TV while feeding the baby. It should be avoided completely as it affects babies nap . Problem with TV is it affects and stimulates the subconscious of the baby. Not only the light and noise, there is something about  TV itself that keeps the baby more awake.  Instead you can use a music CD or white noise. Take help of 6 Science Backed Baby Sleep Strategies To help Your Baby Sleep Well.

How to help the child who does not want to nap?

Watch for the sleepy sign. Then go for the usual things like a cozy bed, flannel sheet,   sleeping routine, darkened room -all helps to settle the baby in a routine.  Pick a time for  your baby’s nap time and try to stick to it.

It’s not uncommon for a baby to wake up because it’s hungry after 8-9 hours of sleep.

What is a good bedtime routine every child should have?

Read to your baby from the time they are very young. It builds intelligence, helps bonding with child, and develops a wonderful routine for rest of his life. Get Free Report – 6 Science Based Strategies To Help Baby Fall Asleep Fast and Sleep Throughout Night.

How can you help an early bird sleep till later?

Make sure the room is dark in the morning. White noise or gentle talk station radio can drown other noises of neighbors getting up, sounds from the kitchen, mama papa getting ready for work. It helps baby to sleep longer.

Seventy five percent of babies have sleeping problems. Follow the tips above and let us know whether any of these worked for you and your baby by commenting below!


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